Comprehensive Guide to SR626SW Silver Oxide Batteries: Specifications, Uses, and Safety Tips

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The SR626SW battery is a non-rechargeable silver oxide button/coin battery with a diameter of 6.8 mm and a height of 2.6 mm. It uses sodium hydroxide as the electrolyte and complies with the IEC 60086-3 standard for watch batteries. This article details the datasheet PDF, equivalent values, and specifications of the SR626SW battery.

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SR626SW Battery Overview

The SR626SW battery is a commonly used small round battery, often referred to as a button or watch battery. It is widely used in watches, small electronic devices, calculators, and other portable devices. This is a 1.55V silver oxide battery, favored for its stable voltage and long-term power supply.

SR626SW Features

The main function of the SR626SW battery is to provide stable voltage and long-lasting energy supply, which is particularly important for small electronic devices that need continuous operation. Silver oxide batteries have a high energy density, allowing them to provide a longer lifespan compared to other types of batteries with the same volume.

SR626SW Specifications

The SR626SW battery has specific physical specifications, usually measuring 6.8mm in diameter and 2.6mm in height. This compact size makes it very suitable for devices that require a compact battery solution.

Production Lead Period
14 weeks
0.39 grams
Physical Measurements
Diameter 0.27 x Height 0.10 inches (6.8mm x 2.6mm)
Part Status ★As parts move through the processes of setup, analysis, review, and approval, they may have many states.
Sensitivity to Moisture
Voltage Rated ★The voltage displayed on the nameplate, known as the "design point" for optimal power throughput and secure thermal functioning, is known as RATED voltage.
1.55 volts
Connection Type
Holder required
Battery Cell Size ★The 18650 lithium-ion cell is the most widely used since laptop battery packs use it. The numbers indicate the physical size and shape of the cell: 18 mm in diameter, 65 mm in length, and 0 for a round cross-section.
Coin, 6.8mm
Battery Chemistry ★An apparatus that stores chemical energy and transforms it into electrical energy is a battery. An electrochemical cell is the system that powers a battery. This process is known as electrochemistry. One or more electrochemical cells, as in Volta's original pile, can make up a battery.
Silver Oxide
Energy Storage Capacity
28 milliamp-hours
Electrical Discharge Rate
40 microamperes
RoHS Status ★In the "Hazardous Substances Directive," "Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances" refers to what happens to electrical and electronic equipment.
ROHS3 Compliant

SR626SW Specifications

Silver Oxide 6.8 x 2.6mm Battery

Silver oxide batteries, particularly the SR626SW model, are considered efficient battery options due to their stable discharge curve and longer battery life. These batteries are commonly used in watches and other precision devices that require small batteries. The table below displays the most popular 6.8 x 2.6mm silver oxide batteries on the market, comparing their main features and technical specifications.

Battery Information
Stored Capacity
Temperature Range
Self-Discharge per Year
Maximum Discharge Rate
Energizer Model 377/376
24 mAh, 47kΩ to 1.2V at 21°C
Not specified
Approx 2% at 20°C
31μA at 1.46V, 47kΩ at 21°C
Maxell SR626W
28 mA, standard capacity
From -10°C to +60°C
Not available
50μA, standard discharge rate
MuRata SR626
28 mAh, 30kΩ to 1.2V at 23°C
From -10°C to +60°C
Not available
50μA at 1.55V, 30kΩ at 23°C
Renata 376 High Drain
27 mAh, 34k8Ω to 1.2V at 20°C
From -10°C to +60°C
Less than 10% at 20°C
44.5μA at 1.55V, 34k8Ω at 20°C
Renata 377 Low Drain
24 mAh, 34k8Ω to 0.9V at 20°C
From -10°C to +60°C
Less than 5% at 20°C
43.7μA at 1.55V, 34k8Ω at 20°C
Varta V 377 MF
21 mAh, 47kΩ to 1.2V at 20°C
From 0°C to +60°C
Less than 10% at 20°C
Not specified

SR626SW Battery Equivalents

The SR626SW battery has several equivalent models, including the Sure, here's the list of battery codes shuffled:SR262SW, 377A, LR626, GP377, SR66, E377, L626, SR66SW, 377, 377S, AG4, SR6265W, GP177, CR626SW, V377, E377CA, 377BA, D377, 280-39, 606, AG4/377, SB-AW, SR626, 377 battery, LR626SW, SR628SW, 377/376, SG4, BA, E377A, AG-4, S626E, 377X, LR66, AG04, etc. Although these batteries may have slightly different chemical compositions and voltages, they are similar in physical size and function and can be used interchangeably.

LR626 vs SR626 Battery

LR626 is the alkaline version of SR626, usually with a slightly lower voltage (about 1.5V) and lower cost. Silver oxide batteries, such as the SR626SW, do, however, typically offer a more consistent voltage and a longer lifespan.The following chart shows and compares the alkaline and silver oxide types of 6.8 x 2.6mm button batteries used to replace SR626SW watch batteries:

Standard Voltage
Minimum Voltage
Voltage decreases gradually
Steady voltage output
Common Labels
LR66, LR626, AG4
177, 376, 377, AG4, SG4, SR66, SR626, SR626SW
Usual Capacity
15-17 mAh
25-27 mAh

As one can see,LR626/SR626 batteries have two different chemical compositions:

The initial voltage of alkaline LR66/LR626 batteries is 1.5 volts, but it quickly drops to 1.0 volts as usage time extends. At such a low voltage, the operation of sensitive electronic devices may be affected, leading to reduced reliability.

Alkaline AG4/LR66/LR626 batteries experience a 30% reduction in capacity when the voltage drops to 1.0 volts and a 50% reduction at 1.2 volts. Silver oxide SR626SW batteries, on the other hand, have a nominal voltage of 1.55 volts and discharge at a somewhat steady rate.
These batteries have a greater capacity, significantly extending the life of multiple devices with a single replacement.

It's important to remember that some silver oxide SR626 batteries are made especially for high current consumption gadgets, including digital watches and other comparable electronics. Other SR626 batteries are made to use less current, making them better suited for thermometers, analog watches, digital watches without alarms, and LEDs, among other devices.

SR626SW/LR66 Battery Safety Issues

While SR626SW and LR66 batteries are relatively safe to use, their small size and attractive appearance pose a risk of being swallowed by children. Special care should be taken when using and storing these types of batteries, and they should be kept out of reach of children. Accidental ingestion of an SR626SW or comparable battery may result in chemical burns from the electrolytic activity.
This is usually due to short-circuiting caused by bodily fluids.

In such cases, you should immediately go to the nearest emergency room or contact a veterinarian, and explain the situation in detail. Be sure to follow the guidance and advice of medical professionals.

SR626SW Manufacturer

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII), founded in 1937, is a core member of the Seiko Group, focusing on watch manufacturing. The company has developed advanced micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology and nanotechnology through decades of deep experience in precision machinery manufacturing and low-power technology. Large size inkjet printers, scientific instruments, semiconductors, flat panel displays (FPD) and electrical devices, network solution systems, equipment for nanotechnology, and watch and hard drive components are only a few of SII's many offerings.Through the integration and innovation of these technologies, SII brings high-quality micro-electromechanical integration solutions to the global market.

Datasheet PDF

Download the Seiko Instruments SR626SW factory documentation and datasheets.

Datasheets : SR626SW Datasheet

MSDS Material Safety Datasheet : SR Battery SDS

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