Comprehensive Guide to Building a 2000W Inverter Using IRF3205 MOSFETs

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Hello everyone, today I will provide an in-depth exploration of a critical electronic component-the IRF3205.The IRF3205 is an N-channel HEXFET power MOSFET transistor, favored for its powerful performance. This transistor can handle current loads up to 110A and supports a maximum operating voltage of 55V, utilizing the common TO-220 packaging. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive introduction to the IRF3205, including its detailed pin configuration, practical application scenarios, and how to effectively use its datasheet. Additionally, I will share some professional insights and recommendations from the manufacturer, Infineon Technologies, to help you better understand and apply this robust MOSFET transistor.

How to build a 2000W inverter with a tiny transformer and 30 Mosfet IRF3205

IRF3205 Synopsis

The IRF3205 is a robust N-channel HEXFET power MOSFET transistor, which possesses the following key features and applications:
1. High Current Capability: It can drive continuous loads up to 110A, and in pulse mode, it can handle loads up to 390A.
2. High Voltage Tolerance: With a maximum withstand voltage of 55V, it is suitable for various high-voltage applications.
3. Packaging Type: Utilizes the TO-220 package, which is easy to install and applicable to a variety of electronic devices.
4. Dual Functionality: It can serve as a high-speed switch, rapidly switching load sources; it can also function as an amplifier, delivering power outputs up to 200 watts, making it particularly suitable for high-power audio amplifiers.
5. High-Temperature Resistance: It operates up to a temperature of 175°C and features low thermal resistance, suitable for high power dissipation applications.
6. High Voltage Input Resistance: Compared to other MOSFETs, the IRF3205's gate terminal is equipped with a thick oxide layer, making it more durable against high input voltages and reducing the risk of damage.
Due to these characteristics, the IRF3205 is suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, such as power management in electric vehicles, solar inverters, high-power DC/DC converters, high-speed switching power supplies, and audio amplifiers. These applications benefit from its rapid switching capabilities, high current and voltage capacities, and excellent thermal performance.

Pinout for IRF3205

The IRF3205 MOSFET is distinguished by its three main terminals: the gate, the source, and the drain.These terminals are essential for controlling the device's operation in electronic circuits.

Pinout for IRF3205

Model IRF3205 

IRF3205 Symbol,Footprint,3D Model

Features of IRF3205

The IRF3205 is a high-performance N-channel MOSFET, characterized by the following detailed functionalities and performance features:
1. Package Type: TO-220, a standard package that facilitates heat dissipation and is suitable for bolting onto a heatsink, providing excellent thermal management.
2. Transistor Type: N-channel, which ensures high efficiency and low loss when the device is on.
3. Maximum Drain-to-Source Voltage (Vdss): 55V, suitable for medium voltage applications, offering a higher safety margin.
4. Maximum Gate-to-Source Voltage (Vgs): ±20V, ensuring stable gate control in most applications.
5. Maximum Continuous Drain Current (Id): 110A, indicating the maximum current that can pass continuously under normal operating conditions.
6. Maximum Pulse Drain Current: 390A, suitable for short-term high-load applications, such as motor startups.
7. Maximum Power Dissipation: 200W, indicating the thermal dissipation capacity of the transistor at maximum load.
8. Minimum Gate Voltage Required for Conduction (Vgs(th)): 2V to 4V, the minimum gate voltage required to turn the MOSFET from off to on.
9. Maximum Storage and Operating Temperature: -55 to +170 degrees Celsius, demonstrating the device's ability to operate stably under extreme temperature conditions.
10. Ultra-Low On-Resistance (Rds(on)): 8mΩ, which reduces power loss when conducting, enhancing overall efficiency.
11. Quick Switching: Fit for uses like high-frequency converters and power supply switching that call for quick switching.
12. modern Manufacturing Technology: To guarantee excellent performance and dependability, use modern semiconductor manufacturing technologies.
13. Fully Avalanche Rated: Designed with avalanche safety in mind, remaining stable even under extreme conditions.

IRF3205 Details

Infineon Technologies IRF3205PBF is a high-performance MOSFET featuring a maximum Vds of 55V, continuous drain current of 110A, and Rds(on) of 8 mOhm. For alternatives with similar specifications, consider the ON Semiconductor NTB55N06T4G or the Vishay Siliconix SUD50N05-08-E3.

Factory Lead Time
12 Weeks
Continuous Drain Current (ID)
Number of Channels
Mounting Type
Through Hole
JEDEC-95 Code
Operating Mode ★a period of time spent operating within a facility's maintenance and operation life cycle.
Number of Pins
Drain Current-Max (Abs) (ID)
Case Connection
Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25℃
110A Tc
Dual Supply Voltage
FET Type
Number of Elements
Recovery Time
104 ns
Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs
8m Ω @ 62A, 10V
Turn Off Delay Time ★It is the interval between when the drain current falls below 90% of the load current and when Vgs falls below 90% of the gate drive voltage. It is the time interval that depends on Rg. Ciss before the load's current begins to change.
50 ns
Nominal Vgs
4 V
Input Capacitance (Ciss) (Max) @ Vds
3247pF @ 25V
Packaging ★A semiconductor package is a container or shell that holds and encloses one or more integrated circuits or semiconductor components. The shell may be made of ceramic, glass, plastic, or metal.
Rise Time ★The time it takes a signal to go from a given low value to a defined high value is known as the rise time in electronics, and it is used to describe voltage or current step functions.
Fall Time (Typ)
65 ns
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)
1 (Unlimited)
RoHS Status ★In the "Hazardous Substances Directive," "Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances" refers to what happens to electrical and electronic equipment.
ROHS3 Compliant
Threshold Voltage
Through Hole
Package / Case
Gate to Source Voltage (Vgs)
Transistor Element Material
Drain to Source Breakdown Voltage
Voltage - Rated DC
Drive Voltage (Max Rds On, Min Rds On)
Avalanche Energy Rating (Eas)
264 mJ
Lead Pitch
Power Dissipation (Max)
200W Tc
Max Junction Temperature (Tj)
Element Configuration ★The arrangement of electrons in atomic or molecular orbitals within an atom, molecule, or other physical structure.
Operating Temperature ★The range of ambient temperatures that a power supply or any other electrical equipment may function in is known as the operational temperature. There are many operating temperatures, ranging from the lowest possible to the highest possible, beyond which the power supply could malfunction.
-55°C~175°C TJ
Power Dissipation ★The unwanted byproduct of an electrical or electronic device's main operation is heat (also known as waste or energy loss).
Turn On Delay Time ★The amount of time needed to charge the device's input capacitance before drain current conduction may begin is known as the turn-on delay, or td(on).
14 ns
Part Status ★As parts move through the processes of setup, analysis, review, and approval, they may have many states.
Radiation Hardening ★The process of making electronic circuits and components resistant to damage or malfunction brought on by high levels of ionizing radiation is known as radiation hardening. This is particularly important in environments such as space (particularly beyond low Earth orbit), around nuclear reactors and particle accelerators, during nuclear accidents, and during nuclear warfare.
Transistor Application
Number of Terminations
Lead Free
Contains Lead, Lead Free
Vgs(th) (Max) @ Id
4V @ 250μA
Current Rating ★The maximum current that a fuse can handle indefinitely without seriously damaging the fuse element is known as its current rating.
Gate Charge (Qg) (Max) @ Vgs
146nC @ 10V
Additional Feature ★Any feature that isn't already there, even one that has been altered.
Vgs (Max)

Options for IRF3205

Part Number
N-Channel Silicon Power MOSFET, 75A, 55V, 0.008 Ohm, TO-220AB Package
Intersil Corporation
N-Channel Power MOSFET, Ideal for High-Performance Applications, Features Robust Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Construction
Infineon Technologies AG
High Current N-Channel MOSFET, 75A Continuous Drain, 55V Rated, 0.008 Ohm Resistance, Equipped with a Three-Pin TO-220AB Package
International Rectifier

Where is the IRF3205 used?

IRF3205 MOSFET is versatile and can be used in various applications that require high-speed load switching. Here are some key applications:
- Consumer Full-Bridge Applications
- Commercial and Industrial Applications
- Full-Bridge Circuits
- High-Speed Switching Applications
- Push-Pull Applications
- Helicopter Electronics
- Speed Control Circuits
- Boost Converters
- Solar Inverters
- Battery Chargers and Management Systems
- Various Systems
- Solar Power Applications
- Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
- Motor Drivers

Package IRF3205

Package IRF3205

The company that makes IRF3205

German semiconductor company Infineon Technologies AG makes the IRF3205. After being spun off from its parent firm, Siemens AG, Infineon was founded in 1999. The company employs approximately 46,665 people and is one of the top ten semiconductor manufacturers globally, particularly leading in the automotive and power semiconductor markets.


1.Safety Precautions and Handling Guidelines
Handling and safety are crucial when dealing with sensitive components like the IRF3205. This section should detail the proper static electricity handling procedures to avoid damaging the MOSFET. Suggestions include using anti-static wrist straps, grounding mats, and anti-static bags for storage. Additionally, discuss the importance of proper thermal management. Explain how to select and install appropriate heat sinks, the significance of thermal paste, and the ideal placement to effectively dissipate heat and ensure the MOSFET operates within safe temperature limits.
2.Comparison with Other MOSFETs
To help readers make informed choices, compare the IRF3205 with other MOSFETs like the IRLB3034 or IRF520. Chart out a comparative analysis focusing on key parameters such as voltage ratings, current capacity, on-resistance, and switching speeds. Highlight scenarios where the IRF3205's features may offer advantages, such as in high-load applications, and mention cases where an alternative might be better suited, such as in low-power devices.
3.Design Tips and Best Practices
Offer practical design tips for engineers incorporating the IRF3205 into their projects. Discuss circuit board layout techniques to minimize inductance and noise, such as placing the MOSFET close to the load and using thick, short trace lines. Provide guidelines on choosing complementary components (like suitable gate resistors and capacitors) that match the IRF3205's specifications to enhance efficiency and reliability.
4.Detailed Case Studies and Application Examples
Include one or two case studies illustrating the successful application of the IRF3205. For example, detail a high-power audio amplifier design that uses the IRF3205 to switch large currents efficiently. Discuss any challenges encountered, such as managing heat or achieving desired sound quality, and how they were addressed using specific design strategies or component choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to use the IRF3205 in automotive applications?
- The durability and high current and voltage ratings of the IRF3205 make it appropriate for high-performance automotive applications.
2. What are the IRF3205's usual applications?
- It is widely used in DC-DC converters, motor drivers, and high-power switching applications.
3. How does the IRF3205 improve switching performance?
- The IRF3205 has a low gate charge and low on-state resistance, which enhances its switching performance and reduces switching losses.
4. What is the IRF3205's on-state resistance?
- The typical on-state resistance (R_DS(on)) of the IRF3205 is around 8 mOhms, which helps in reducing power losses during operation.
5. Is there a need for a heat sink with IRF3205?
- A heat sink may be required to control the thermal load and avoid overheating, depending on the application and power dissipation.
6. How does the IRF3205 handle inductive loads?
- The IRF3205 includes an integrated diode that helps manage inductive loads by allowing for safe dissipation of flyback currents.
7. What are some considerations when designing with the IRF3205?
- Key considerations include ensuring proper gate drive voltage, handling peak current without thermal overload, and providing adequate protection circuits to handle unexpected voltage spikes.

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