Exploring the Specifications and Uses of the CR1220 Lithium Coin Battery

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In the palm of your hand lies a tiny marvel, often overlooked yet essential to powering some of our most cherished gadgets. Yes, we're talking about the CR1220 Lithium Coin Battery! Don't let its diminutive size fool you; within its compact confines resides a powerhouse of energy, ready to breathe life into your devices and keep them ticking like clockwork. Let's explore this small hero's intriguing world and discover its mysteries.

Battery Change on Casio G-Shock GMA-S110. battery CR1220

What is a CR1220 battery?

CR1220 lithium coin battery

The CR1220 lithium coin battery is a miniature power cell renowned for its compact size, high energy density, and stable voltage output. Engineered with lithium chemistry, it serves as a dependable power source for various portable electronic devices, offering extended operational life and consistent performance.


Max Operating Temperature
Min Operating Temperature
Voltage - Rated
Size / Dimension
0.49Dia x 0.08 H 12.5mmx2.0mm
Termination Style
Requires Holder
Voltage Output
Battery Chemical
Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Battery Cell Size
Coin 12.5mm
RoHS Status
Non-RoHS Compliant
Lead Free
Lead Free
Wetness Sensitivity Index (WSL)
1 (Unlimited)

Applications and Compatibility


The CR1220 lithium coin battery stands as a versatile power source, indispensable across various electronic applications:

- Timekeeping Devices: Empowering wristwatches, clocks, and electronic timers, the CR1220 ensures precise timekeeping functionality, guaranteeing reliability in daily time management.

- Electronic Gadgets: Enabling calculators, digital thermometers, and small electronic toys, the CR1220 facilitates seamless operation, enhancing the functionalities of these essential gadgets.

- Remote Controls: Providing essential power to remote control units for televisions, audio systems, and other consumer electronics, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment and convenience.

- Healthcare Devices: Supporting vital medical equipment such as glucose meters and heart rate monitors, the cr1220 3v battery contributes to health monitoring and management, empowering individuals with critical health insights.

- Security Systems: Powering keyless entry devices, security tokens, and electronic locks, the CR1220 safeguards access to premises and assets, enhancing security and convenience.

- Wearable Technology: Fueling fitness trackers, smartwatches, and wearable sensors, the CR1220 enables real-time monitoring of health and activity levels, empowering users with valuable insights for fitness and well-being.

Compatibility with Popular Devices:

The CR1220 lithium coin battery boasts compatibility with a plethora of widely-used electronic devices, including:

- Watches: Compatible with popular watch brands and models, ensuring seamless operation and extended battery life for timekeeping accuracy.

- Calculators: Suitable for various calculator models, providing dependable power for extended usage in educational, professional, and personal settings.

- Remote Controls: Compatible with remote control units for leading television brands, audio systems, and other consumer electronics, delivering consistent performance for hassle-free operation.

- Fitness Trackers: Designed to power popular fitness tracker models, ensuring continuous monitoring of health metrics and activity levels for enhanced fitness tracking capabilities.

- Digital Thermometers: Compatible with a range of digital thermometer brands and models, facilitating accurate temperature measurement in medical, culinary, and industrial applications.

By harnessing the versatility and compatibility of the CR1220 lithium coin battery, users can experience enhanced functionality and reliability across a diverse array of electronic devices and applications.


CR1220 Dimensions
CR1220 Dimensions


● Longevity: Boasts an extended service life, ensuring prolonged functionality without necessitating frequent battery replacements.

● Stability: Maintains a stable voltage output throughout its operational lifespan, guaranteeing consistent performance for connected electronic devices.

● Compact Design: Exhibits a compact, coin-like form factor, facilitating effortless installation and integration into space-constrained electronic gadgets.

● Leakage Resistance: Demonstrates robust leakage resistance, mitigating the risk of electrolyte leakage and safeguarding the integrity of connected devices.

● Wide Temperature Range: Functions reliably across a broad temperature spectrum, from sub-zero environments to elevated temperatures, catering to diverse operational requirements.


When selecting a battery for electronic devices, consumers often weigh various factors such as lifespan, performance, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact. This is a thorough analysis that contrasts the battery cr1220 equivalent with other popular battery types that are utilized in comparable applications:

1. CR1220 (Lithium Coin Cell Battery):

● Lifespan: lithium cell cr1220 3v batteries typically have a long shelf life, retaining around 80% of their capacity even after 10 years of storage. They can be used for two to five years, depending on the gadget and how much power it needs.

● Performance: They are appropriate for devices that need steady power delivery since they provide a stable voltage over the course of their lifetime. They are appropriate for many situations since they function well in a broad range of temperatures.

● Cost-effectiveness: CR1220 batteries are relatively inexpensive when compared to rechargeable alternatives. However, their single-use nature means ongoing replacement costs can add up over time.

● Environmental Impact: While lithium batteries are not easily recyclable and can have environmental implications if not disposed of properly, CR1220 batteries contain minimal amounts of harmful materials like mercury, making them safer for disposal compared to older battery types.

2. CR2032 (Lithium Coin Cell Battery):

● Lifespan: Similar to CR1220 batteries, CR2032 batteries offer a long shelf life and can last for several years in devices with low power requirements.

● Performance: CR2032 batteries provide higher capacity and longer runtime compared to CR1220 batteries due to their larger size. They work well with gadgets that require a little bit more power.

● Cost-effectiveness: CR2032 batteries are slightly more expensive than CR1220 batteries due to their larger capacity. However, their longer runtime may offset the initial higher cost.

● Environmental Impact: Like CR1220 batteries, CR2032 batteries contain lithium and should be disposed of properly to minimize environmental impact.

3. AAA Alkaline Battery:

● Lifespan: AAA alkaline batteries typically have a shorter shelf life compared to lithium coin cell batteries and may lose capacity over time, especially if not stored properly.

● Performance: While AAA batteries offer higher capacity than coin cell batteries, they may not provide as stable voltage output, especially as they near the end of their lifespan. They work well with gadgets that need a reasonable amount of electricity.

● Cost-effectiveness: AAA batteries are more cost-effective upfront compared to coin cell batteries. However, their lower lifespan and frequent replacement requirements could lead to increased long-term expenses.

● Environmental Impact: Elements included in alkaline batteries, such as zinc and manganese oxide, can harm the environment if improperly disposed of. Although they can be recycled, it may not be as effective as it is for lithium batteries.

4. Lithium-ion Battery Rechargeable:

● Lifespan: Compared to single-use lithium coin cell batteries, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifespan. For hundreds of recharges, they don't need to be replaced.

● Performance: Lithium-ion batteries offer higher capacity and voltage output compared to coin cell batteries, making them suitable for devices with high power demands. They also maintain stable voltage output throughout most of their discharge cycle.

● Cost-effectiveness: Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are more expensive initially, but over time, they are more economical than single-use batteries because of their capacity for many recharges.

● Environmental Impact: Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are more environmentally friendly than single-use batteries as they can be reused multiple times. However, they still require proper disposal and recycling to minimize environmental impact.

The choice between CR1220 batteries and other battery types depends on factors such as device requirements, desired lifespan, cost considerations, and environmental concerns. CR1220 batteries offer long shelf life, stable performance, and relatively low cost, making them suitable for low-power devices where long-term reliability is essential. However, for devices with higher power demands or for consumers looking for more sustainable options, alternatives like rechargeable lithium-ion batteries may be preferable despite their higher initial cost.

Safety Precautions

When handling CR1220 lithium coin batteries, it's crucial to observe safety precautions to ensure both personal safety and environmental responsibility. Here's a detailed guide on safety measures:

1. Proper Disposal:

Adhere to local regulations: Before disposing of CR1220 batteries, familiarize yourself with local regulations regarding the disposal of lithium batteries. Certain areas may have rules for recycling or appropriate disposal.

Environmentally friendly practices: To reduce the negative effects on the environment, dispose of spent batteries in line with local laws. Seek out specific recycling facilities or locations where you may drop off lithium batteries safely.

2. Avoid Misuse:

Recharging CR1220 batteries without authorization: Avoid attempting to recharge them. Lithium coin batteries are made to be used just once, as opposed to rechargeable batteries. There are significant safety dangers while attempting to recharge them because it may cause leaks, overheating, or even an explosion.

Exposure to severe temperatures: Steer clear of subjecting CR1220 batteries to extremely high or low temperatures. While high temperatures may lead to overheating and leaks, low temperatures might hinder performance. Batteries need to be kept out of direct sunlight and heat sources in a cold, dry location.

3. Child Safety:

Secure storage: Store unused CR1220 batteries in a secure location that is inaccessible to children. Consider using child-resistant packaging or containers to prevent accidental access. Store batteries away from areas where children frequently play or explore.

Reduce the chance of ingestion by teaching family members-especially the younger ones-about the risks associated with battery consumption. Tell them not to put batteries in their mouths and to watch small children carefully when they handle battery-operated electronics.

4. Handling Precautions:

Prevent physical damage: Take caution when handling cr1220 3 volt batteries to prevent dents, punctures, or distortion. Hazardous chemicals may spill or burst from damaged batteries.

Use appropriate tools: When replacing batteries in electronic devices, use the appropriate tools and follow manufacturer guidelines for battery installation. Avoid applying excessive force since this could damage the device or the battery.

By following these safety precautions, users can ensure the safe handling, disposal, and storage of CR1220 lithium coin batteries, minimizing risks to both individuals and the environment. Never forget to put safety first while working with batteries of any kind.


The CR1220 lithium coin battery may be small in size, but its impact is undeniably significant in powering a wide range of electronic devices that we rely on in our daily lives. From timekeeping devices to remote controls, healthcare equipment to wearable technology, this unassuming power cell plays a crucial role in keeping our gadgets running smoothly.

Throughout this exploration, we've uncovered the impressive specifications, versatile applications, and notable features of the CR1220 battery. Its compact design, stable voltage output, and extended service life make it a preferred choice for manufacturers and consumers alike. Whether it's ensuring precise timekeeping, enabling seamless operation of electronic gadgets, or empowering health monitoring and security systems, the CR1220 battery continues to prove its reliability and efficiency across various industries and applications.

Reliable power sources are extremely important in a world when technology is everywhere. As we embrace the convenience and functionality offered by electronic devices, it's essential to acknowledge the role that batteries like the CR1220 play in powering our interconnected world. By understanding its capabilities, adhering to safety precautions, and making informed choices, we can maximize the performance and longevity of our electronic devices while minimizing environmental impact.

So, the next time you replace the battery in your wristwatch or remote control, take a moment to appreciate the humble CR1220 lithium coin battery and the remarkable energy it holds within its compact confines. Ultimately, in the realm of electronics, the tiniest parts frequently have the greatest impact.

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