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FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd VNC1L-1A-REEL

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    VNC1L-1A-REEL this integrated circuit is available in factory sealed anti static packs. at Please read product page below detail information. including VNC1L-1A-REEL price, data-sheet, in-stock availability, technical difficulties. Also. Quickly Enter the access of compare listing to find out replaceable electronic parts. If you want to retrieve comprehensive data for VNC1L-1A-REEL to optimize the supply chain (including cross references, life-cycle, parametric, counterfeit risk, obsolescence managements forecasts), please contact to our Tech-supports team.

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    VNC1L-1A-REEL Typical application Circuitry Schematics

    The VNC1L-1A-REEL is part of the Vinculum product line from FTDI. It is a first-generation embedded USB host controller Integrated Circuit (IC). The device is designed to offload the USB Host handling from a system processor by providing event-driven responses via a simple FIFO interface. Key features of the VNC1L-1A-REEL include: 

    1. USB Interface: The VNC1L-1A-REEL supports USB Host and USB Device connectivity. It can handle USB transfers at low rates of 1.5 Mbps and high speeds of 12 Mbps. 

    2. Flash Memory: The IC has built-in Flash memory, which can be used for firmware storage. 

    3. Dual FIFO Channels: The VNC1L-1A-REEL has two FIFO channels that can be interfaced with other devices or microcontrollers for data exchange. 

    4. UART Interface: The device supports UART signalling, allowing it to interface with traditional microcontrollers or other serial devices. 

    5. General-Purpose IO: The VNC1L-1A-REEL has a number of GPIO pins which can be used for custom functionality in your circuit. 

    6. Power Supply: The power supply for the device should be within the specified operating range. To give high frequency noise a low impedance path to ground, a decoupling capacitor need to be installed close to the power supply pin. 

    7. External Oscillator: An external crystal oscillator is required for the device's operation. The device can be used to enable USB Host functionality in systems where this feature was not originally available. 

    This can include adding USB flash drive capability, interfacing USB keyboards or mice to an embedded system, or enabling data transfer between a USB device and a microcontroller. As always, for a detailed guide on designing an application circuit with the VNC1L-1A-REEL, refer to its datasheet and any relevant application notes provided by FTDI, and be sure to follow the manufacturer's design guidelines.

    VNC1L-1A-REEL informationVNC1L-1A-REEL information


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    We have a professional and experienced quality control team to strictly verify and test the VNC1L-1A-REEL. All suppliers must pass our qualification reviews before they can publish their products including VNC1L-1A-REEL on; we pay more attention to the channels and quality of VNC1L-1A-REEL products than any other customer. We strictly implement supplier audits, so you can purchase with confidence.

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    (1)Such as a deficiency in quantity, delivery of wrong items, and apparent external defects (breakage and rust, etc.), and we acknowledge such problems.

    (2)We are informed of the defect described above within 90 days after the delivery of VNC1L-1A-REEL.

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    (2)Obtain Requesting Return Authorizations

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    If you need any after-sales service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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